Need Lower-Cost Dentures? Check these options

Mitchell asks Where can I go for partial dentures and dental implants as someone on Social Security with limited income?

Dear Mitchell,

We did some checking, and here are some possible options:

1)    Dr. Kristine Drummond, both a dentist and CEO of Axess Pointe Community Health Center, suggests the Department of Comprehensive Care at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine. The dental school at Case provides affordable dental care for area residents, with fees on a sliding scale.  While Case does not provide price lists, charges can be 30 percent to 50 percent less than fees charged by dentists in private practice, according to Case representatives. However, unlike many traditional dentists, Case does not offer any payment plans to spread out costs over time.

To qualify for dental implants, your gums must be in excellent health and you must have enough bone to support the implants, according to the Crown Council, an independent association of independent dental practices.

At Case, if you are approved for treatment after the first appointment, you would be assigned to a dental school student or a resident working toward an advanced degree in oral surgery or another specialty. You would then receive an individualized plan that includes estimates on total costs and length of treatment.

New patients pay a non-refundable fee of approximately $90.00, which includes X-rays and an exam. Case accepts cash, MasterCard and Visa.

For more information, go to, or call 216.368.8730 for adult appointments or 216-368-6185 for pediatric patients.


2)     In contacting the Dental Program of the Summit County Health District, we also learned about a lower-cost national chain called Affordable Dentures, with a location in Boardman, Ohio, near Youngstown.  An upper- or lower-partial denture starts at $315, with full sets starting at $410.  However, costs escalate quickly for those who need implants.  A single tooth implant with porcelain costs $2595.  A complete price list is available on the website. Or you can call 330-406-9048 for more information.


Mitchell, we hope this information helps you.  Please let us know if either of these options work for you.


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