Find Benefits at The Ohio Benefit Bank

badge2.12772944_stdDear readers:

We’re adding a new page to our website to include medical help you may be able to access via the Ohio Benefit Bank.

The Benefit Bank receives support from a public-private partnership that includes the State of Ohio, the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks (OASHF) as well as over 1,100 faith-based, nonprofit, governmental and private organizations.  Through the Benefit Bank website, you can access a wide range of social services in addition to medical care.  Visit the homepage to see the full range of offerings.

The site includes a QuickCheck tool to help give you a rough estimate of your eligibility for various services.

Or, to go directly to a listing of resources to help with medical expenses, click here. You’ll even find links for specialized help for narrow segments of people, such as refugees and children with medical handicaps.



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