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Lisa, a reader, writes that she is 29, and self-employed, with no known health problems.  She and her husband made slightly less than $30,000 last year, and neither has insurance.  Lisa has a lump on her neck. She would like to get checked out and is looking for affordable options.


Dear Lisa,


Here are some options for you:

You might start by calling the Faithful Servant Care Center in Tallmadge, which offers free services during evening hours to those with urgent, non-life threatening conditions.  You can call the Center at 330-633-3680. 

To receive free care at the Center, individuals must have no insurance coverage and be at or below 200% of poverty level.  You must be able to verify your status.

The center is located at 65 Community Road, Suite F, Tallmadge, Ohio 44278 across Community road from Tallmadge Community Center and Tallmadge library.

For more information, you can go to the Faithful Servant Care website.

It is also possible you may qualify for Medicaid insurance coverage.  The only way to know if you qualify is to actually apply.

You can use a benefits calculator,  available for Ohioans, or you can get information from a State 24-7 call center to discuss individual circumstances and receive help with an application.  To access personal assistance, call 1-800-318-2596.

Please let us know how things work out for you, and if you need additional help.

The people at Faithful Servants are really wonderful.  This is a good first place to start while you’re figuring out whether you qualify for Medicaid benefits, which now will cover more people due to Obamacare.



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Because healthcare information changes rapidly, you should always verify information with your providers.