See the Charges in Summit County for Having a Baby

If you’re having a baby, and if your insurance leaves a percentage of the costs to you, you may be interested in differences in charges at hospitals in Summit County.  Based on 2012 information published on the Ohio Department of Health website, Akron General Medical Center charges less money than Summa Akron City — by an amount nearly $2,300, on average, for every vaginal delivery without complicating diagnoses.  There is a similar differences in charges for newborns:  An average of $2,197 at Summa Barberton in 2012, and $2,969 at Akron General, compared to $4,377 at Akron City.  See the charts below.

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Description Mean Published Charge by Hospital
Vaginal Delivery without Complicating Diagnosis
Diagnosis Related Group (DRG): 775
Summa Akron City & St. Thomas 
Akron General Medical Center
Summa Barberton

Source:  Website of the Ohio Department of Health

Description Mean Published Charge by Hospital
Normal Newborn DRG: 795 Summa Akron City & St. $2,197Thomas: $4,377 Akron General Medical Center: $2,969 Summa Barberton: $2,197




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