Samaritan Ministries Offers Creative Alternative to Traditional Health Insurance

For those who interested in an alternative to traditional health insurance, the Christian-based Samaritan Ministries offers a unique approach to cost-sharing of health care costs across more than 40,000 member households in the United States.

Each member household agrees to pay a monthly “share” to participate in the program. Samaritan Ministries then uses a database to randomly match available funds to member needs.

Monthly contributions are based on family size, and range from $140 a month for a young single adult age 25 or younger, to $405 a month for a family, according to the website.

The organization’s website at explains the program in more detail.

Samaritan Ministries reports that in a typical month, fewer than 10 percent of the members have needs. About $10 million is available each month to meet the health care expenses of those with needs.

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