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Medical Society’s website for the uninsured gets Acme sponsorship

Initiative is a first in the nation

AKRON, Ohio — January 31, 2013 – The Summit County Medical Society (SCMS) announced today an innovative sponsorship relation with Acme Fresh Market Pharmacies to help those in need find affordable health care. The initiative is the only one of its kind in the country, according to Medical Society officials.


Under an agreement, Acme Fresh Market Pharmacy will be the exclusive pharmacy sponsor of, the Medical Society’s website that helps the uninsured and under-insured find affordable care.


Financial backing from Acme will fund improvements to the website, and will help build public awareness of the website as a public resource, said Doug Lefton, MD, a Fairlawn family physician and board member of the Summit Country Medical Society.


Acme Fresh Market Pharmacies will promote and publicize through its newspaper, radio, and billboard advertising and through its network of Acme Fresh Market Pharmacies and Pharmacists.


“The Medical Society is deeply appreciative of Acme’s support, which will allow us to reach more uninsured and underinsured people,” Lefton said.


Lefton said this is the first instance he has heard of where a supermarket chain has worked with a medical society.  He said the Summit County Medical Society approached Acme because its pharmacies already offer low cost prescription medicines.  Acme has over 350 drugs that it sells for $4 a month.


The Medical Society founded the site in 2011 as a public service. The professionally designed, easy to navigate site helps people determine if they qualify for a myriad of public and private assistance and insurance programs.  For those who don’t qualify for assistance—or for those with high deductible insurance—the website lists low cost clinics and locations where uninsured or under-insured patients can get blood tests or even MRIs for low prices.


Stated Steve Albrecht, President of Acme:  “Acme Fresh Market Pharmacies offers significant programs that can lower prescription costs. We look forward to working with the Summit Medical Society to educate their patient community. Together we can improve the affordability of health care so people do not forgo the health care services they should have.”


“As an example, Acme Fresh Market Pharmacy, at its 16 locations offers more than 350 generic medications for only $4 for a 30-day supply and $10 for a 90 day supply. That is a tremendous value. Acme Fresh Market Pharmacy also offers a Rewards Program offering Acme customers coupons for $10 in free groceries with the purchase of 10 prescriptions.  Another tremendous value that is available to all.”



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