Reader writes: I need to see a doctor.

Nancy, a reader of, writes that she needs to see a doctor, while her income last year was only $5,200.

Dear Nancy:

One option for you might be the Faithful Servant Care Center in Tallmadge, Ohio, which offers free services during evening hours to those with urgent minor illnesses and injuries.  Patients must have no insurance coverage and be at or below 200% of poverty level. The phone number is 330-633-3680, or go to to learn more.

Or, you might try Axess Pointe Community Health Center, formerly called Akron Community Health Resources, with locations in South Akron, Barberton and Kent.  This not-for-profit health center offers primary medical, dental, mental health, and preventive health services.  Patients without insurance pay on a sliding scale, with the poorest paying a minimum of $25 for medical care and $50 for dental visits. Call 888-975-9188 for information.

Finally, Nancy, we’d urge you to apply for assistance, either through an online application or through a government agency that administers Medicaid.  If you live in Summit County, the place to start is with the Summit County Department of  Jobs and Family Services office. The phone number is 330-643-8200.

If you apply online, a social worker will contact you to discuss your situation.


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Because healthcare information changes rapidly, you should always verify information with your providers.