Help with HIV Medication

A reader recently wrote asking how to find affordable HIV medications. According to the American Academy of HIV Medicine, this is a common problem. The federal government funds AIDS Drug Assistance Programs in each state. However, over the past several years these programs have suffered from budget constraints, resulting in tougher eligibility criteria. Ohio’s program […]

Help with Prescriptions

Drug prices have been increasing steadily over the past several years. It is a frustrating problem for those of us who pay out of pocket for medications. It is especially frustrating when you need a drug quickly for an acute illness and are too sick to shop around for the best price. is an […]

Cardiac Stress Tests Difficult to Price Out

A reader named Deb recently wrote to, saying she needed a cardiac stress test which she described as “just a regular treadmill thing.” Deb has no health insurance, and had the option of having the stress test at her doctor’s office for $295, with a 20 percent discount if she paid at the time […]

Samaritan Ministries Offers Creative Alternative to Traditional Health Insurance

For those who interested in an alternative to traditional health insurance, the Christian-based Samaritan Ministries offers a unique approach to cost-sharing of health care costs across more than 40,000 member households in the United States. Each member household agrees to pay a monthly “share” to participate in the program. Samaritan Ministries then uses a database […]

Diabetic? Here is help for you

If you are a diabetic, or need to be checked for diabetes, you may be eligible for free services at the new Diabetic Clinic at the Faithful Servants Care Center in Tallmadge. The Clinic opens once per quarter on a Saturday morning to provide nutrition counseling, a physician evaluation, medications, diabetic testing supplies and labs.  […]

Help is near for drug, alcohol addictions

If you need help with a drug or alcohol addiction, the Summit County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health (ADM) Board supports a network of organizations that offer recovery services to those without health insurance.  Those in need of help can call the Board’s Central Assessment Department at 330-996-7730 for screening, assessment and a determination […]

Summit County’s FIRST program to help those with first-time psychotic illness

  FIRST Summit County is a comprehensive, outpatient treatment program for those between 15 and 40 years of age who are experiencing a first episode of a psychotic illness. The program is a collaborative effort of Child Guidance & Family Solutions, Community Support Services, the County of Summit Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Board […]

Hear Dr. Nemer speak on shopping the insurance exchanges

WAKR’s Jasen Sokol interviewed Summit County Medical Society President Waleed Nemer, MD, on what to expect if you’re in the market for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.  Dr. Nemer offers tips on smart comparison shopping. Listen to the interview.

2015 Enrollment Now Open for Health Insurance Coverage under the Affordable Care Act

Here are some quick facts if you are renewing health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, or applying for the first time: If you’re enrolled in a 2014 Marketplace plan, your coverage ends December 31, 2014. It doesn’t matter when in 2014 coverage began.   To continue health coverage in 2015, you can renew […]

The flu shots are here. Are you getting yours?.

This season’s flu shot is now available, and you’ve probably seen around town that say “Get Your Flu Shot Here. Although the peak month for the flu is February, flu season can start as early as October. Often the flu just causes cold symptoms, but sometimes the symptoms are severe, with high fevers, muscle aches, […]

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